I started this blog because I was spending so much time commuting I thought I might as well write about it. That was back in the bad old Silverlink days. These days I no longer commute, so this blog will be updated much less frequently. Keep checking in – if I start a new blog, I’ll let you all know here.

If you feel the need to contact me and you haven’t got 11 million US dollars locked in a Nigerian bank account, I can be reached at disgruntled DOT commuter AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Or you can use this form:

Please note the copyright statement at the top of the page and contact me if you want to copy or otherwise use any part of this blog. This includes you, London Lite.


3 responses to “About

  1. Not bad mate, not bad at all.

    PS: That grafitti thing underneath those HORRIBLE CRASS AND CRAP south west trannies full of sweaty suburban retarded “buisnessmen” you’ve got as your main banner is just beautiful 🙂

  2. thanks! Took me hours to do … (in photoshop, though, not with a spray can)

  3. Hi, I recently started a blog very similar to this one http://everydaytrainblog.com . I came across yours today. Inspires me to keep going. Well done.

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