The Last Commute

So this is it. The last time to gather up my bike keys and my staff pass, the last time to leave the house and forget my phone, and miss the sweet spot at the Vauxhall Cross lights. The last time to buy a ticket and wonder how SWT can take less than a week to install three new ticket machines and then more than a month to make them do anything useful, like sell a ticket. The last spot of banter with the newspaper stand guys and the last time to try and exit the waiting room behind a woman who stops dead, blocking the door, waiting to see when the next train is. The last time to stand well back from the platform edge as the approaching train is not stopping at this station. The last last minute platform alteration. The last time spent pointedly wondering if my fellow passenger might move his bag, or his feet, or his elbow from my space. The last time wondering why the young man at Barnes feels the need to commute in surgical gloves (and the first, actually – is there some dreadful new contagious disease I’m not aware of?) The last sprint up the Kew Bridge stairs.

The last time rounding the corner into the Vauxhall underpass and greeting my still-intact bike with a sigh of relief. The last ‘no thanks’ to the freebie paper-monger, still ridiculously cheerful after freebie paper-monging for more than a year now. The last ride home. The last dodged pigeon. The last lock up.

Three months after I officially quit my job, I have finally stopped work. well sort of. And to reinforce my resolve, next week I’m moving to Scotland. You can follow my adventures here

Disgruntled Commuter has left the building


17 responses to “The Last Commute

  1. Thanks for all the fun, pain and insights. It’s been a damn good read. Hope all goes well for your move – I’ll be watching your new blog with delight, and some little pride that I feel I know you.

  2. It’s been a real pleasure reading this blog over the past three years!
    I’m sure that I shall enjoy the new one just as much!

  3. Congrats on finally finishing, but more congrats on heading North. Scotland is LOVELY.

  4. I’ve been following you in this and my previous guise for yonks. Will miss your words (and sentiments!).

  5. Nooo! We need you here to uphold the rules of commuting and scorn all those who can’t 😦

  6. Thanks all! It’s been fun. Well, not the commuting part, but the letting off steam part.

  7. Which was worse, work or commuting?

  8. Well done for taking the plunge and getting out of the rat race! Best of luck!

  9. David – well the commuting was worse, but work lasted longer so on balance, work
    Ian – thanks

  10. Welcome to the sticks!

    We escaped to Somerset from the smoke 27 years ago and never ever ever ever want to go back.

    As you’ve gathered I’m sure that you won’t regret it.

    As a recent discoverer of your blog I think that I may have missed what your plans for earning a living in Scotland.

    Whatever it is – have fun doing it and I’ll look forward to reading “Town Mouse”

  11. Howard – all is explained here

  12. Somehow my commute just became a little less bearable. God luck with the Scots and see you at your new blog.

  13. Congratulations and all the very best for the new life. See you at the new blog.

  14. Oh, wow, …
    not often I’m left speechless….
    good luck.

  15. I left London 5 years ago for Slovenia, but I can see that nothing has changed since.Simply dreadful.

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