The New Black

So, recently the men with diggers have been busy digging up and resurfacing the Kennington Road*. After a slight glitch when they had to dig it up all over again to fix all the water mains they’d broken the first time around, it is now all lovely and smooth and they can get on with the fun part: decorating it. They’ve done most of the lines, and the writing and zig-zags and arrows and now they’re getting out their pretty coloured tarmac and colouring it all in. We’ve got a tasteful subdued burgundy for the bus lane and a rather brighter red for the pedestrian crossing (so the blood doesn’t show?) and – a new one for me – a sort of stylish beige for the lane approaching the crossing. On closer inspection, this appears to be an extra layer of grit that has been glued onto the road so that drivers who were approaching the crossing at speed can slam on their brakes more effectively when the lights suddenly change against them. These road-mending chaps think of everything these days.

Of course it would be even better if drivers could just approach the pedestrian crossing actually prepared to stop, but I suppose if one clever man with a grit lorry can undo the work of several dozen idiots armed with a car apiece, it’s better than nothing. I just wonder if they couldn’t have chosen a nicer colour than beige.

* Actually, it would probably be quicker these days to tell you which roads around us are not being dug up. Do you think they’re looking for oil? Or maybe just buried treasure…


3 responses to “The New Black

  1. If they thought of everything then there would be some sort of tire shredding apparatus deployed when the little green man was lit… oh – and some sort of anti-cyclist weaponry to shoot down any cyclists that decide that red lights don’t apply to them 😛

  2. Lucky you! Round here all they do is dig it up time and again. Where I work they’ve been doing that for over five years!
    If it’s buried treasure that they’re after they seem to always have the map upside down!
    Have a good week.

  3. TMC – and the Zebras would be guarded by real lions…

    Flighty – that might explain things.

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