More Signs of Spring…

…the guys in the news-stand are getting positively frisky.

(Note to self. I really must stock up on my reserves of traditional British hauteur)


5 responses to “More Signs of Spring…

  1. It’s all in the nostrils.

    A really good aristocratic flare will put off the most amorous news peddler, even if he’s Italian.

    Practicing in front of the mirror is good.

    Failing that, try a blood-caked katana strapped to your side.

  2. You should shake off you katana when you’ve dispatched whichever idiot needed killing, then you should clean it at the first oportunity. These things rust 😦

    Carrying katana while commuting doesn’t seem to help. I guess I could try carrying them more openly, but then you’ve got the whole ‘being arrested’ thing which is just dull.

  3. Ah Mike, but these are French, or at least Francophone, so made of sterner stuff than your average Italian. Perhaps it was the arrival of Ms. Bruni (and her appearance in our papers) that had them all a bit giddy.

    Dom – indeed. I think a Skean dhu tucked in the sock is the answer, as the sock gets rid of most of the gore…

    Or failing that, there’s always the knitting needle option…

  4. On a windy day some wind dislodged snot will probably dampen the libido – even if it doesn’t fly off and hit them its presence on your cheek will serve as a serious warning.

  5. I do try and make myself presentable before entering the station. I don’t want to become the sort of person I blog about…

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