More Top Tips for Travellers

Say you’re at a busy station – King’s Cross, to pluck an example at random from the air – and you are having trouble with your wheely suitcase. All around you, people are trying to catch their trains at the start of the long weekend. It’s a good idea NOT to try and simultaneously sort out your luggage and walk backwards into the flow of traffic. Just one of those little tips you learn in the big city, I suppose.

Of course, if you are walking along a narrow corridor in – say – King’s Cross, and you see someone walking backwards towards you fiddling with his suitcase, then it is also not a great idea to keep walking straight at him in the hope that he will magically disappear. As the other half pointed out, it wasn’t that close to platform 9 3/4. Barging straight into him and making rude comments is no way to get Easter off to a good start.

And neither, frankly, is travelling to Scotland. Since arriving we have had rain, sleet, snow, hail and a flying birdbath going past the kitchen window. Every time I look up – alerted by a banshee howl from the north wind – the weather is worse.

Still, have a happy Easter, everyone. I just hope that yours is somewhere warmer. Like Iceland, maybe, or the North Pole.


11 responses to “More Top Tips for Travellers

  1. If it’s any consolation the weather’s much the same here in Somerset.

    Have a nice Easter…

  2. Thanks! Snowing this morning…

  3. Just as nasty here in London …cold, windy, sleet and hail! Typical Easter weather I suppose.
    Thanks, you too.

  4. Ah but I’m underground so nice and dry down here.

    Have a good Easter

  5. Sunshine, clear skies, cold air and snow on the ground this morning…

    I suppose if we can’t have a white Christmas, a white Easter is the next best thing.

  6. The snow in Worcester this morning is… conspicuous by its absence. Bum. 🙂

  7. It’s been a bit nippy here in Beijing too, I can tell you. I had to wear a linen jacket today.

  8. Brennig – ah too far south obviously
    Beachhutman – my heart bleeds for you…

  9. Since you left the Borders the weasther has improved-hail, sleet and a windchill factor of -17f-and its colder outside

  10. What is it with you and Kings Cross? I think it’s a lovely place and always have good encounters there (of the nicest kind). It is like an austere but kindly uncle (who has a decent cellar of remarkably good claret) compared to the painted maiden aunt Santa Pancras, next door, who is very likely to serve you corked Cloudy Bay. Hmm – perhaps I should have an early night (or another claret).

  11. Ah, but Mike you’re thinking of King’s Cross the train station which is as you say a stately place from an older age. Whereas this was in Kings-cross-st-pancras the tube station, i.e. the hell hole where seventeen underground lines interchange, enlivened with a leavening of bewildered non-Londoners and their wheely suitcases just to confuse matters further…

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