More Feet

Do I even have to say this? Why do I even have to say this? And yet…

Putting your feet on the seats is wrong

Putting your Ugg shod feet on the seats is more wrong (on taste grounds, if nothing else)

Putting your Ugg shod feet on the seat that someone else is sitting on – someone who you don’t know, and who has to adopt a painful-looking twisted position so that she can keep herself away from your Ugg shod feet while simultaneously glaring at you as you chatter obliviously into your mobile phone about your last skiing holiday – is wronger than wrong.


I’d have blogged this last night but I was out and we came back in a tube train full of underaged overexcited teens going out to some nightclub or other and the high-pitched shrill squawking noise they made drove all of the words out of my head.

I’m sure I was never that loud.


16 responses to “More Feet

  1. What madness is this? There’s no excuse for that – I would have pushed the offending feet off the seat. How unpleasant.

    Also, I’ve read that adolescents are loud because it’s how they mark their territory, as it were – they don’t always realise how shrieky they are. Just be thankful they mark their space orally and not via bodily fluids. Usually.

  2. It wasn’t my seat, or I would have. I was tempted to give her a good slapping anyway.

    The noise given off by these lot put those ‘mosquito’ things into perspective. No self-respecting teenage would be able to hear a subliminal whine over the sound of their own hilarity, surely?

  3. If i have had a bit to drink i am brave enough to start singing and this shuts them up quickly.
    I have an awful voice and i dress strangely when i go out.
    cheers john

  4. What is an Ugg?

  5. basically – this is why one should always carry a hatpin

  6. i’ve only just realised that ‘ugg’ is an onomatopoe … peo … poeoe …. oh, you know what i mean …

  7. And a poisoned hat pin, to boot

  8. DutchCommuter

    i was on a local (Dutch) train yesterday afternoon and I saw a a couple of yoofs with their feet on seats. just before we set off the guard came over the tannoy and announced which stations we would be calling at and he said that as he was walking down the train he had seen people with their feet on the seats and that if he saw that again on the train then he would issue a 30 Euro (20 pound) fine.

  9. I bet those feet came off seats in double quick time!

  10. DutchCommuter

    I went and sat in a compartment where nobody had their feet on the seats. Unfortunately A young man came in after me and started eating chips.

    And talking about Uggs, I saw a girl wear a pair of these

    on the tram yesterday. I thought what are young people wearing nowadays… and then I realise I am turning into my mother…scary

  11. turning into one’s mother is a fate that comes to us all in the end (except for the men, who turn into their fathers…)

  12. DutchCommuter

    well, then I am well and truly geneukt then….

  13. geneukt? Dutch for ‘stuffed’?

  14. turning into one’s mother is a fate that comes to us all in the end (except for the men, who turn into their fathers…)

    Not true. I turned into my stepfather 😀

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