This Bus is Bound for Glory

I can’t help thinking that if Jesus really loved us, he wouldn’t let his friends make commuting any more painful than it already is. The girl doing the hi-NRG amplified preaching to the captive audience at the bus stop outside the Elephant & Castle was bad enough; having her acolytes blocking every single escape route with their outstretched pamphlets – think freebie paper distributors but hundreds of them and not wearing bright purple so they were harder to avoid – just made the whole thing worse.

If you were planning on making a journey to anywhere but salvation today, can I suggest you avoid the Elephant, at least until the current harvest of souls is over? Or, in fact, this being the Elephant & Castle after all, perhaps best just to avoid it altogether.


5 responses to “This Bus is Bound for Glory

  1. Hallelujah! If a friend of mine had encountered them he would have tried out playing them at their own game by pretending to be a hell-fire preacher and exhorting them to get down on their knees and pray!
    Mind you at well over six foot, with a booming voice and clothed in black he does sound and look the part!

  2. He’d have needed a microphone…

  3. I tend to find, in those situations, that I subconsciously perform a wave of the hand not too different to that of a preacher; think “you are forgiven my son; now get up and walk away” sort of style – I think it confuses them…

  4. I once drove away a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses from my front door when I regaled them for about 20 minutes about my “belief” that “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was more accurate and believable than the Bible. I think I nearly had them before they eventually escaped.

    Since then, no JW has ever called. I’m probably marked down in their little black books as “religious nutter”… 🙂

    The “moral” of this tale is to give ’em as good as you get (if you have the time, which I believe you Londoners have very little of) and you’ll soon scare ’em off.

    And, most of all: DON’T PANIC and never forget where your towel is…

  5. Ah yes, the church of the latter-day Douglas Adamites.

    Mas – I think I should just hand out leaflets of my own…

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