Deja Vu All Over Again

Hang on, hang on, I quit my job two and a half weeks ago, didn’t I? So what was I doing this morning trying to remember the correct sequence of actions for cycling down to the station (helps if you unlock the bike first), exchanging merry banter with the news-stand guy (Him – after a brief double take: so are you still working hard? Me – with a broad grin: not if I can help it) and getting on the train to work? Had I forgotten I was a free woman and gone to work out of force of habit? Sadly, no. I am temporarily back at the grindstone a couple of days a week to help out with a couple of projects, so there may well be intermittent disgruntlement for weeks to come.

The sad thing is that, by the time I’d negotiated the usual run-of-the mill irritants of the journey in (car turning into road without giving way to bike, man discarding banana peel behind chair in waiting room, train arriving at Kew Bridge three minutes late for absolutely no reason at all) it was as though I had never been away. And by the time I’d endured the journey back, crammed into a three by two with the loudest women in Christendom (is everyone in Australia deaf? Is that why they have to shout so much?) recounting some utterly unamusing office prank one of them had played on the other, and the train had spent far more time than was reasonable at Wandsworth Town (why?) and the SouthWestTrains woman had insisted on announcing the next station one station in arrears (I do hope nobody got off at Queenstown Road thinking it was Clapham Junction), I had lost all the lovely relaxed happy feeling I’d gained from my scant two weeks of freedom.  I’d say I was glad to be back. But that would be a lie.

This commuting lark, it’s pretty disgruntling, isn’t it? Maybe I should start a blog…


16 responses to “Deja Vu All Over Again

  1. Australia’s a big country.

  2. Ah that explains it. At what point do they notice that England is a small one and moderate the volume somewhat accordingly?

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  4. If they made Australians use sign language as their national language, none of this would ever happen.

  5. p.s) My sympathy on returning to the grind! x

  6. I’m fairly sure if Australians spoke sign language they’d find a way of doing it loudly…

    It’s only a day or two a week, I’m sure I’ll survive

  7. I’ve heard some excuses in my time but returning to work so you can blog is definitely a first!
    Either that or you’ve got fed up with daytime TV, in which case I’m surprised that you lasted out this long!

  8. So far I’ve resisted the daytime TV …

  9. I should hope so too! Have a good weekend.

  10. Daytime is an excellent way of discovering that minor celebrities you thought must be dead are still out there … waiting.

  11. But don’t they crumble into dust at the first sign of daylight? Oh no, hang on, wait, that’s vampires.

    what was the difference again?

  12. they have to speak that loudly so as to be heard above their shirts (or is that americans?) x

  13. whoops – that was me – didn'[t realise my daughter was signed in. x

  14. These multi blogger households are tricky aren’t they?

    You should have done a quick post in her name – ‘why I’m going to do the washing up for the next three months’ or ‘you’re right Mum, I shouldn’t go out dressed like that!’

  15. what a brilliant idea! (she’s sitting beside me, all outraged – heheheh).
    welcome to bwbd, btw xxx

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