Bench Marking

Sitting at Westminster tube yesterday, waiting for one of the approximately 5 tube trains that were still running during all the engineering works, the other half and I were wondering just who the designers had in mind when they created the benches on the District line platforms. They (the benches, not the designers) had arms dividing up the notional seats, mainly I suppose to prevent people from sleeping on them. These arms were placed so that either one enormously fat person could sit in comfort, one normal person could sit in solitary splendour, or two very skinny, very close friends could sit in close proximity. Now granted, Westminster tube does have its fair share of visiting tourists*, but on the whole, most of the people that I could see on the platform were normal sized, which meant that one bench that could have comfortably seated six people had been turned into a bench that could seat four. I wonder how many international design awards that decision garnered its creator. I’m guessing several.

And while we’re on the subject of benches, is there any good reason why there would be a large puddle of liquid spreading out from under a bench on the covered part of Vauxhall’s platform 3, other than the obvious? I wasn’t taking any chances, so I stood…

*Although the usual reminder that this blog is married to an American applies before you go too far down the national stereotyping route in the comments


7 responses to “Bench Marking

  1. Perhaps a fat tourist was trying to squeeze onto the bench, squeeze a little bit to hard and…..

  2. Good point but different bench. The Vauxhall benches appear to be for normal(ly sized) people

  3. And besides, no tourists in Vauxhall, except very lost ones

  4. Perhaps there was a natural spring underneath the bench. Perhaps the bench itself was some kind of shrine.

  5. The natural spring is out because the platforms are a good 20 foot above ground level (although this being Sarf London possibly still below sea level) but I think you may be onto something with the shrine. It’s a miracle spring! That will bring the tourists into Vauxhall, surely

  6. I’ve no idea what was in teh designer’s mind ut I wish he’d get a gig with the airlines.

  7. Hm. Great legroom and arse room, but I suspect the cold hard metal part would start to pall after the first 7 hours…

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