How Far…

And how fast can you reverse the wrong way down a one-way street before it stops being an acceptable parking manouevre and starts becoming taking the piss? Five yards? Fifty? The length of the street? There comes a point – as the engine starts doing that laboured whine thing – that you want to say, ‘oh just turn the damn car round and break the damn law properly.’


4 responses to “How Far…

  1. So you used the horn, right? Oh, stop leaving us in suspense…

  2. the shortest way home for me involves going the wrong way down a one way street, so of course i push the bike on that part of the journey.
    also if the council is planning on doing something about taking peoples bikes then you just know it will be a cockup don’t you.
    cheers john

  3. LCS – They’ll have to be quick to get them in Vauxhall before the thieves do

    BM – don’t be silly, it happened far too quickly for me to react in time with the horn. One day

    John – I suppose cycling backwards would be quite tricky …

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