Press the Any Key to Continue

OK, it’s been a week now, possibly longer. Since I’ve been back at work after Christmas the only information the monitor at the entrance to Kew Bridge station has shown is the fact that some program or other has failed to respond to the End Task command. A dialogue patiently sits there, waiting to be told what to do (one of the options, rather redundantly, is ‘wait’). It has been waiting a long while. As I have a regular reader (according to my stats) who comes in from Network Rail, perhaps he or she could let someone at SWT know? Or even press the button themselves.

I’d do it myself, but I can’t reach.


6 responses to “Press the Any Key to Continue

  1. I expect they are still on holiday.

  2. It’s clear that the railway companies use Microsoft Windows XP Pro/2000 rather than Linux which may be cheaper and more reliable. A magazine I often read (Micro Mart) has a regular feature where readers contribute photos of Microsoft Windows programs crashing in public places.

    Why not take a photo of the screen and send it off to Micro Mart?

  3. John – you’d rather hope that the person whose job it is to press the button has a deputy out there somewhere to cover for their leave…

    Manc – I might just do that. It’s still there today. Have to remember to bring my camera (am I the last person on the planet to have a phone without a camera?)

  4. No you’re not, I’ve also got a mobile with no camera!

  5. ah ah, i do not have a mobile.

  6. Luddites of the world, unite…

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