Turning over a New Leaf

Monday mornings can be a bit trying in the disgruntled household. Setting aside the whole matter of it not being the weekend any more, there’s the need to gather up all the various bits and pieces I need – bike lock, staff pass, oyster card, phone – from the various places they’ve migrated to over the weekend, which usually leaves me scrambling round the house in a panic five minutes after I should have left wailing ‘where are my shoes?’ just in case the other half – still dozing in bed at this point, the bastard – might have hidden them for a joke. So last night, as part of a new drive to become an organised person or at least a good imitation of one,  I carefully gathered up everything I needed and put them in my jacket pocket or bike bag as required, memorised the whereabouts of my shoes, and went to bed, secure in the knowledge that at least I wouldn’t miss my train in the morning and get into work 15 minutes late.

And so, of course – and you have to admire the precision on the part of my subconscious here – I slept in by exactly 15 minutes this morning. Well, I suppose an extra fifteen minutes sleep in the morning is worth something, even at the cost of the loss of the same fifteen minutes gathering up my chattels the night before.

Now, whether it was that I was fifteen minutes later* at the station, I don’t know, but when I got there I had to wheel my bike halfway down the underpass to find a free rack (there was one free slot further up but it had a strategically placed dog turd right where the back wheel would go). Hmm. I wonder how many of you had a new year resolution for 2008 to ‘get out on the bike more’?

Whatever the reason – you’re very welcome and the more the merrier. And take my advice. Get yourself an air horn. They’re ace.

* or more – there was one hell of a headwind out there…


5 responses to “Turning over a New Leaf

  1. ..And if it wasn’t such a long journey to and from work I might well be tempted to get a bike. On Saturday night our bus wouldn’t start so we had to get on the replacement – which didn’t even get us out of the bus station before it too broke down and we had to change again!

  2. Did you use the air horn in anger or were you just road testing it?

  3. Just wondering (like, I don’t really care, but I’m just a bit curious) – the air horn thing – have you actually checked the legality of having the device fitted to a pushbike? Just wondering.

  4. Grunt – how far is it? Seriously, with buses that bad it’s worth thinking about

    flighty – just the fact that I haven’t had to use it in anger yet makes it worth its weight so far

    Brennig – I have no idea, but it *is* approved by the coast guard so how illegal can it be?

  5. lol!!

    I’ll let you know how legal it is when I see the Coastguard using it on one of their offshore bicycles. 🙂

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