Disgruntled Commuter is Still Unwell

Those checking in excitedly for another installment of the bike air horn adventure will just have to wait as I am still under the weather and have now apparently pulled a muscle through incessant coughing.

Folks, let this be a reminder to you to always stretch and warm up thoroughly before engaging in any sporting activity such as running, tennis and, er, coughing up a lung.


6 responses to “Disgruntled Commuter is Still Unwell

  1. I sympathise as I’ve done that myself in the past!
    Take care and get well soon.

  2. Unfortunately as I’ve found out today, it’s quite hard not to cough, even if it hurts like buggery when you do

  3. Sorry to hear you are still unwell. I hope you feel better soon.

    One way of ensuring that you never suffer from sports injuries is to avoid sports like the plague, just like I do.

  4. Hmm. Well, if coughing is a sport then I’m in with a medal chance at Beijing, I tell you

  5. Get well. Lungs, eh? Tsk. šŸ™‚

  6. yeah, who needs them…

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