Regular readers of this blog will recall that I have long wanted an effective way of getting pedestrians, and pigeons, out of the way of my bike. I’ve tried using a bell, and singularly ineffective it proved to be too. Well anyway, thanks to one of those few members of my family who actually reads my blog, as opposed to claims to be too busy (Babymother, you know who you are), I am now the proud possessor of this:

Air Zounds
It required a bit of fiddling about, and a new bicycle pump (bicycle pump technology has moved on since 1991! Who knew?), but the other half finally got it pumped up with compressed air and we excitedly gave it a go. Its first attempt was a hoarse wheeze, like a last gasp of a rubber duck being run over by a Mack truck, but that was a false alarm. We turned the volume switch all the way up to eleven and gave it another go…

Readers be warned. Do not use your AirZound air horn at top volume indoors. Once fully pumped up, it emits not so much a noise, as a painful assault to the ear. Small birds may fall stunned from the nearby trees. I wouldn’t know – I haven’t dared try it again, although I have fitted it onto the bike very, very carefully. I’m back on the bike tomorrow and, if it hasn’t been nicked in the meantime, I shall be giving it a go at the earliest opportunity. It will be a brave pigeon that crosses my path tomorrow, I tell you.

I’m almost looking forward to going back to work.

Meanwhile, I’m left with one puzzle, from the side of the box. Among its many excellent features, it lists this last one:
Coast Guards

What do you think it can mean?


13 responses to “Zounds!

  1. Well maybe you’ll get an answering hoot from the QE2….

  2. It’s loud enough…

  3. Coastguard? Gruntfuttock is nearly right. It doubles as a Foghorn

  4. But what do the coast guard care what’s mounted on my bike? I’m not planning on going off shore with it…

  5. What a great, and useful, present! I’m looking forward to reading your entry about when you first used it and what happened!

  6. it looks like it could be used for some dirty games to me.
    happy new year john

  7. The only problem I can see is that it will be louder (and more painful) for the person on the bike than for anyone else, unless you wait until the very last minute…

    If you see a cyclist in ear defenders, be afraid, be very afraid…

  8. It will be useful if you are cycling along Torquay Sea front today and get swept out to sea, which could happen.

  9. “But what do the coast guard care what’s mounted on my bike? I’m not planning on going off shore with it…” – – – but if you had a pedalo !

  10. Maybe it’s cos it floats?

  11. Oh yes. And don’t think I don’t know when you’re having a dig at me on your blog. I AM too busy (note that babyfather is at home today!) but huttonian is not and he rings me up and tells me. 🙂

  12. David – yet where’s the promised snow, that’s what I want to know …
    Gimlet – I could technically commute by pedalo (and oh what a blog that would be) – sometimes it would be quicker than the trains…
    Babymother – why do you think I put them in?

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