2007 and All That

In retrospect I should have guessed today’s journey was going to be quiet when I got to the station and found a spider busy building a web across the bike racks. No queues for the ticket machines, no news stand, no coffee stall, no passengers, no announcements but fortunately some trains (short ones, but with a grand total of ten passengers, hardly worth raising a sweat about). No readers, either, but that’s nothing new. And consequently, nothing to blog about.

I was going to write one of those ‘year in review’ posts that proper bloggers do, but I’m sure it was all tedious enough the first time around, and I couldn’t really be bothered. Except to award Eurostar the prize for best excuse EVER for ‘wild boar on the track’. Come on SouthWest Trains, do try to keep up.

And so I’ll leave you with nothing but my best wishes for the New Year. Me, I’ll be seeing it in my bedroom where – if I lie on the floor and peer up through the left hand window – I can see the London Eye and hence, I’m told, the fireworks. Given that my festive cold is currently entering its tenth day with no sign of letting up in either its virulence nor the inventiveness of its symptoms (today’s special: sore ribs with a side order of hacking cough), that’s about as much excitement as I can currently stand.

Happy New Year, one and all, and in 2008 may all your trains be long ones, and all your coaches quiet ones, and all your seats be window ones, facing the engine.


5 responses to “2007 and All That

  1. Happy New Year!
    May 2008 be the year that SWT sort themselves out. Ha, who am I kidding? đŸ™‚

  2. Happy new year to you both

    And regarding the trains … well, we can dream, eh?

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