A Dreadful Warning

Round the back of the Elephant and Castle, on our way home, there is a little car park next to the leisure centre. This car park had a barrier, a jaunty red and white one, that could be raised and lowered to stop the cars from leaving before their owners had paid. This barrier had, as things do around the Elephant, suffered a little over the years. It seems the local residents had taken a scunner to it, and had taken matters into their own hands.

When we moved here, it had already been bent upwards at the end by main force leaving just enough of a gap that a car could be driven out without paying. The barrier rested permanently upwards, or did, until it was broken again, and then removed, leaving just a pillar and a vestigial stump of arm where the barrier had been. That was when the pillar itself started to suffer. They really didn’t like that car park barrier down at the Elephant and Castle, they really didn’t like it at all.


All this we saw and noted as we passed it on our occasional journeys to and from the station. But it was only yesterday, coming back from King’s Cross that I noticed this sign, at the other entrance to the car park:


I’m wondering – should that not be the other way around?


3 responses to “A Dreadful Warning

  1. No, that’s the right way round. The barrier is now really, really angry, and those pedestrians might cop it if they’re not paying attention.

  2. yeah but what’s it going to do, bleed on them?

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