Home Again, Home Again

The worst thing about King’s Cross Underground is getting stuck behind some out-of-towner who’s busy experiencing for the first time just how expensive things in London really are. Sadly, this evening, o gentle reader, that out-of-towner was me. I had been thinking all week that four whole Euros for a single ticket into Paris from our outer suburb was a bit steep, even if that did include one trip on the metro too. But then we made the mistake of arriving at St. Pancras with my parents in tow and without our emergency visitors’ oyster cards. I plunged into the fray to buy a couple of zone one singles for them to get them home, knowing that they would be pricey but not prepared for what the ticket machine wanted. Four quid. Four quid! Four whole quid EACH for a single – a single to anywhere in zones one to six, I grant you, but that’s not much good when you’re only going to the Elephant. After I’d finished sharing my incredulity to the gathered queue behind me (sorry), two nice young ladies gave the other half their unwanted travel cards and we were able to go on our way without my treating the assembled ticket hall to a disquisition on the inequities of TfL’s latest pricing policy. Four quid. Four bloody quid. For a single.

According to all the announcements, handing on your travelcards to people who ask for them funds drug dealing, prostitution, organised crime and probably pigeons, and nice young ladies really shouldn’t do it. But in this case it was merely funding getting two blameless visitors from Kings Cross to South London without their daughter having an apoplectic fit on the way. I think that’s probably fair enough, don’t you?

Even so, though. FOUR. QUID.

I’d say I was glad to be back…


8 responses to “Home Again, Home Again

  1. welcome back to the land of daylight robbery.
    first class stamp – 34p! that’s virtually 7 bob! can you believe it ….. (and on and on and on – unfortunately there wasn’t anyone in the post office for me to share my outrage with)

  2. Except, presumably, the long-suffering post master.

    At least you didn’t try and post an over-sized letter. That really is ruinous

  3. How much! That is a bit steep isn’t it.

  4. A bit steep? It’s daylight robbery

  5. Aged parents duly grateful and then had to pay FOUR QUID to go from E and C to Kings Sodding Cross. How you Lunnorors can stand the pace is beyond me. Four quid from E&C to Kings X is equivalent of £280 from KX to Berwick upon Tweed.

    (Mind you full First Class Fare must be about that)

  6. I did offer to lend you our spare oysters, but you turned me down…

  7. Thanks but little future use. Not accepted on First Capital Connect, Nat Ex. or the Hutton Paxton RER

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