What is the Verdict…

O esteemed readership, on pink fluffy ear muffs for men? With a pink fluffy headband to boot.

I suppose the advantage of pink fluffy ear muffs – setting aside the whole keeping your ears warm thing – is that you can’t hear what people are saying about you. Although some of the more elaborate double takes of the other passengers on the platform were worth a thousand words…


10 responses to “What is the Verdict…

  1. How old and what was the rest of his attire like? As with many things there are other factors that need to be taken into account.

  2. In his late twenties/early thirties and otherwise normally dressed, not even a man bag.

  3. Maybe he was on his way to a ‘Wear something from the hit musical “Fame”‘ Party?

  4. It’s clearly the only explanation

  5. I don’t see the problem. Cold ears bad. Ear muffs good. Pink = nice colour. And the only one available.

    This gent is clearly a) practical and b) fearless. Good for him.

  6. Mark – No to both the earmuffs and the pinkness? Or the pinkness and the fluffiness?

    Patrick – well, I’ll grant you ‘fearless’

  7. Well, it probably denotes someone trying to exude confident wackiness, and succeeding but with the unfortunate side effect of looking a twat. A twat with warm ears, mind.

    I wonder if it would work if the fluffy bits were a bit more….manly, even if metrosexually? Maybe some kind of sarong-for-the-earlobes thing going on?

  8. Hmm. My three-year-old niece is wearing a pink fluffy headband of exactly the same colour. The effect is more princess than manly.

  9. The effect is more princess than manly…..DC, I couldn’t have summed it up any better than that 🙂

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