I don’t Want to Start Any Blasphemous Rumours…

But what is it about driving buses that gives some bus drivers such a sick sense of humour? I know, I know, probably the passengers.

David, from the busdriving blog seems a nice chap, always ready to give his customers the time of day and help them with their troubles, but that’s down in Devon where perhaps the pace of life is slower. Whereas here – well, you get the odd nice one occasionally. But it’s the bastards you remember.

Take this morning. I was crossing the road, mere yards from the bus stop with a grandstand view of a number three pulling in at the stop. As I started to sprint for it, the bus driver must also have had a grandstand view of me running and clearly signalling my desire to catch the bus – aka waving like a madwoman. Which made it, I suppose, inevitable that he should wait just long enough for me to reach the stop before pulling away. This happens pretty much every time I try and use that stop. I suppose I should have learnt by now…

Now I know that buses have timetables and if I’m not actually at the stop he doesn’t have to wait for me. But if that was the case he might have looked a little repentant as he drove away. A rueful smile, a mouthed ‘sorry’ – I would have understood. But no, not this one. He didn’t exactly give me a triumphant grin as he passed me. But there was a look of satisfaction on his face, a little hint of smugness that suggested he knew exactly what he was doing. And that I had made his day.


6 responses to “I don’t Want to Start Any Blasphemous Rumours…

  1. I suppose that it must be a bit dull driving a bus around all day, so maybe they do this to amuse themselves? 🙂

  2. I believe there is a spot marked for them in Dante’s Inferno, just next to the one marked “traffic wardens”.

  3. I believe bus drivers are now paid bonuses for pulling away from sprinting passengers…

  4. I think Mark’s right. But I wish they’d get their jollies blowing off the school kids, not the nice quiet passengers like me!

  5. I recently watched a man running towards a stationary bus as it waited at a stop, only for the driver the close the doors in his face as soon as he got there!

    It kind of makes me lose faith in human kindness…

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