Jack Frost Nipping at my … well, never you mind where he’s nipping

Ahh, a hard frost in the night meant I came out this morning to a world all a-glitter. Ice crystals sparkled on the road, on the cars, on the bins and on my bike. Especially on my bike, where it was frozen hard enough that a quick wipe of the saddle with a gloved hand wasn’t going to clear it. Which left me with only one alternative.

I’m willing to bet real money that anyone caught wittering on this morning about the beauty of properly cold winter weather and the joys of a crisp clear sky didn’t start their day thawing the ice off the saddle of their bike with their arse.

Roll on the summer, that’s all I can say.


11 responses to “Jack Frost Nipping at my … well, never you mind where he’s nipping

  1. I said good morning to my neighbour at 0610 this morning, just before I got into my lovely warm car….bliss 🙂

  2. Ah well, at least at 6:10 this morning I was still in bed …

  3. That conjures up such a vivid, and uncomfortable , image! You should cover it up with a tea cosy or old thermal sock the previous evening!

  4. Good thing it was just a frost. If it was real ice, you might have been stuck to the saddle!

  5. plastic bags do the trick. that jack frost needs a good you know what.
    cheers john

  6. Flighty – sorry for the disturbing picture…
    Ian – it was certainly icy enough for me.
    John – I think the tea cosy idea might be the answer. Or a heated saddle…

  7. Hope it wasn’t one of those types of saddles where the moisture soaks in.
    I like the tea cosy idea. A ‘saddle cosy’. (‘Ass cosy’?).

  8. Wow.
    Is it desperately wrong to wish for the equivalent in thermal underpants?

    Ah. Thought so. Sorry.

  9. Quite bad for your reproductive health, I would have thought

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