Ahem Ahem


Mustn’t cough. *cough*

Coughing on public transport is bad and wrong *cough* *cough*

If I cough into my hand *cough* then that just gets cold germs all over my hands and then onto the doors and the seats and everything *cough*

But then if I don’t cough into my hand that’s disgusting *cough* *cough* and gets cold germs into the air and all over my fellow travellers. Should cough into a handkerchief, if only I had such a thing. *cough*


It’s not even as though it’s a proper cough, bringing up loads of phlegm or anything. *cough* just a dry tickly cough *cough* that I can’t seem to stop *cough* however irritating it is to everyone else *cough*

Just don’t think about coughing.


think about anything else but coughing



Oh damnit, it would be better just to have a real good cough and get it over with. *cough*


*cough* *cough*


That’s better


Everyone’s looking at me now…

Wonder how many people I infected this morning?

Sorry. *cough*


7 responses to “Ahem Ahem

  1. Oh… that was you… *looks accusingly*

  2. I think it recommended to cough into your elbow area which looks awfully dramatic and theatrical; it avoids germs on the hands and so on and so forth – besides, coughing into a hankie – that refuse of germs and dead skin and fluff and stuff – that’s probably even worse than coughing out into the open air without any sort of barrier 🙂

    I think a lot of it is the difference in temperature between the cold outside and the over-hot inside to blame. Or something like that.

    Catch you later

  3. I’ve been trying the sleeve option all day. I think that’s the best bet.

  4. I learned that you’re supposed to cough into your sleeve. In kindergarden, actually. Have done it that way ever since. Supposedly, it’s supposed to make it so you don’t spread the germs from your hands, and then instead of coughing into the open air, it gets into your elbow. I don’t know if that’s fact or not, just what I was told.

  5. It makes a lot of sense. I obviously missed that bit in nursery school…

  6. I have discovered that squirty hand cleaner stuff that they have in hospitals. I always carry a little bottle with me now. It’s amazing stuff. Definitely a must for any public transport user in winter…

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