Splish Splosh Aargh!

I thought I knew all about walking in London after the rain. I know that the drains are as often blocked as not, and that the puddles are consequently deep and wide and grimy with all the unspeakable grime that accumulates on London’s filthy streets. I know that while most cars slow or steer around them – if only because nobody really knows what lurks at the bottom of the deeper potholes – there are some that sail right through, drenching any passing pedestrians. And so I know that such puddles need to be given a wide berth or sprinted past during a lull in the traffic. But I thought I was safe in the underpasses for, while there are undoubtedly puddles there, there aren’t usually any cars, and a skateboard would have to get up a fair bit of speed to send up much in the way of a splash.

But I had not taken into account the underpass at the Elephant and Castle. For one of the roads around the shopping centre must have had a hefty puddle on the edge of the road. And one of the cars speeding round it must have decided not to avoid it for – after all – there were no pedestrians to splash. Or no visible pedestrians, at least. For what they and I had not counted on was that the resulting wall of water would rise up over the edge of the road barrier and descend on the head of anyone emerging from the tunnel below. The first I knew of this was when the water hit me square on the back of the head. I can only commend the young man who was walking towards me at the time for keeping such a straight face. I know I would have had a hard time of it had it been the other way around…


4 responses to “Splish Splosh Aargh!

  1. Was there swearing? I would have sworn. Lots.

  2. There was a very startled ‘fuck!’ from me and after that I was just too surprised to say anything

  3. There is a similar thing that happens here around Coventry’s ring-road; and many a time I’ve been fortunate to see the wall of water shower down moments before I would pass from the safe shelter into the other side of the street… law of averages say that one of these times I am going to the soaking of my life.
    It’s raining right now… maybe I’ll vary my route home tonight 😀
    catch you later

  4. Take an umbrella, and keep it up through the underpass …

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