Power to the People

The first hint of trouble this morning came when I saw that the traffic lights were out at Vauxhall Cross. Having sprinted across five lanes of traffic I got to the station and found the power outage was a little more general. It was a curious mix – the lights on the concourse were off (but not the power to the newsstand and other shops) and those on the platform were on. The ticket gates were set to open and the ticket machine was on enough to say ‘out of order’ but not on enough to sell any tickets (of course that could simply be its normal Monday morning setting if the last three weeks are anything to go by). And the information screens were all on but not showing any information, with no announcements over the tannoy either.

This last was no problem to us regulars: we just headed up to our normal platforms and got onto whatever looked like it might be our normal train, and enjoyed the rare respite from the regular tannoyances. But it would have been tough if you were trying to use the station for the first time this morning. For were the station staff out there in force to give help and guidance to confused passengers? Were they buggery. In fact, with the ticket gates open there were even fewer of them in evidence than usual. Surely they aren’t all powered by electricity themselves? Perhaps they were scared of the dark…


3 responses to “Power to the People

  1. They were following the first rule of the service industry. At the first sign of a problem,keep a low profile.
    Having been in similar situations and been verbally abused and physically threatened, I can fully understand why.

  2. Hmm. I do hear you about the abuse but the thing was, nothing (apart from the lights being out) had actually gone wrong. It was just that some people might have needed advice about where to go…

  3. Strange how the power cut in Hutton coincided exactly with this one. Strange Powers (no pun intended) at work?

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