It’s much more Bother with a Hover

It was a busy but not impossibly crowded train, and the woman sitting next to one of the few available seats was doing the bag hover. I think you know the move I mean: when the person whose bag is taking up a seat doesn’t whip it off hastily and apologetically onto their lap as they should, but instead sort of half-heartedly picks it up and lets it hover over the vacant seat in a way which is intended to say, ‘well, I could move this terribly heavy bag and put it on my lap but oh, it’s so difficult and painful and inconvenient and if I do it really, really slowly maybe you’ll get bored of waiting and go and sit somewhere else…’

I don’t know about you lot, but when I see the hover, then that instantly becomes the seat I want to sit in, and nowhere else will do.

Of course, I may just be contrary that way.


11 responses to “It’s much more Bother with a Hover

  1. no – you are sooo right. the hover must and will be punished!

  2. these people need a good-ah well you know the rest.john

  3. I find that, once seated, deployment of the pointy elbows is the best revenge…

    Subtly, of course

  4. Is it as satisfying as spotting the person who pulls down the tray on the back of the empty seat next to them, puts their coffee or paper onto it and thinks you won’t work out their cunning distraction technique?

  5. Not only do I do the same, I also take great pleasure in it 🙂

  6. Idiot on the train the other day decided that his bags should be given their own seat. I went up to him and said “Can I sit there please?”. He huffed and puffed, moving his three bags up on the luggage rack (the place where they are supposed to go) and then turned to me as if to gesture me to sit down. I just said, “actually, there’s a seat down there, don’t worry about it” and walked down the train to another seat.

  7. That is pure evil. I love it…

  8. Who says seats are for people and not bags? I don’t ever seeing a notice or byelaw to that effect.

    I think it’s only a convention.

  9. Er, common courtesy? Since when did we need a byelaw for that?

    I have heard announcements to the effect that anyone putting their bag on a seat will have to buy it a ticket

  10. I so wish I had seen this before writing my bitchy and mooey piece in June 2008 has which now looks somewhat derivative, dammit. 🙂

  11. oh well, that’s the joy of the internet … and trains

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