Two Turtle Doves

Look – was today international irritating couples day or something? I ask because I was stuck behind not one but two separate pairs of lovebirds billing and cooing in the queue for the quick ticket machine this morning. The whole point about the quick ticket machine is that it’s simple and easy to use, so it doesn’t require two to drive it. Or in one case, one to drive and one to nibble on the driver’s ear. I’m sorry but it was way too early in the morning for that sort of behaviour. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – it’s all the fault of the classical music they play in the underground station, especially the more low-key romantic sort. Less of the Vivaldi, I say, and bring on the Wagner.

And – to the couple I encountered on my way home this evening – that double set of lines painted onto the pavement with the picture of the bike on it? It’s a bike lane. Not an indication that you should stroll romantically along it hand-in-hand. There’s plenty of room on the pavement for that outside the bike lane, thank you very much, and more dimly lit too, should you fancy a canoodle. And, in case you were wondering what I was doing, I was trying to cycle around you, which was quite difficult once you’d both stopped in your tracks and stood and stared blankly at me instead of getting out of my way. Just thought you’d like to know…


6 responses to “Two Turtle Doves

  1. I had a woman next to me today with a music score who managed to maintain a high pitched – like a musical bluebottle in a jar, all the way to Streatham. I was amazed that someone had managed to find a novel way to annoy me.

  2. Could you carry a bucket of cold water with you for such situations?

  3. As a pedestrian (as well as a train user) I can only appologise for my fellow pedestrians seeming inability to be able to recognise a cycle path and their constant need to continue walking in them. Please feel free to dispence whatever punishment you see fit to these miscreants.

  4. Moobs – never underestimate the inventiveness of your fellow commuters

    Cha0tic – tricky to carry round on a bike. Maybe a water bottle?

    TMC – Apology accepted. I gave them the commuter death stare. I think that was punishment enough

  5. these cycle lane walkers need a good hiding it’s the only language they understand.
    i think i have said this before.
    all the best john

  6. John – yes I think you have!

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