Fading Away

Oh dear. I’m fairly sure that when I set out from the station this evening on my bike my lights were at least legal, if not exactly bright. By the time I turned into my street I was having to put my glove in front of the front light to check that it was still on. Shortly after that I realised that putting my glove in front of my light wasn’t a very good way of rendering me more visible, so I just cycled along with my head down peering at what was now no more than a despairing glimmer. I think I made it home before it finally went phut, but it was hard to tell. Lucky for me our street is pretty quiet.

Top tip to all readers: Tesco batteries are rubbish. Time to go shopping I think. Or find out if it’s still possible to get a dynamo in this day and age … now there’s carbon-neutral for you.


4 responses to “Fading Away

  1. maybe even try a dynamo hub shimano do some great examples

  2. I would also suggest the shimano hub.
    Do your lights have bulbs or LED’s? I use LED lights, and the batteries last forever.
    Make sure they are compliant with British Standards (BS1512?) otherwise they are not legal for use on the roads, as I found out when being told off by a policeman at 4.30 one morning. Mind you, he was about half my age and called me young man – I could have kissed him!

  3. the only dealings my wife had with the police was when her light stopped working. she got fined £5.00
    also around oxford there seems to be a lot of people cycling around with lights strapped to their heads, it looks very strange from a distance as if the lights are just floating in mid air.
    cheers john

  4. Ooh, those hub dynamos look nice, but they’re pricey. One for the Christmas list…

    And they were LED lights which is why I’m so disappointed by the batteries which lasted no time at all.

    The whole lights-strapped-to-the-head thing is fine, until you need to look down, and then you disappear…

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