Let them Eat Rich Teas

Cycling into Vauxhall the other day I noticed that the police had replaced their old mystery vehicle in Vauxhall Spring Park with a newer, shinier one. This one says ‘Police Conference Unit’on the side – no doubt part of Lambeth Police’s mission to bring meetings to those benighted parts of South East London that have never known the joys of hearing the words ‘Any other business?’ For after all, in these benighted days, who could argue with the idea of more meetings?*

And just think of the benefits to the modern day copper of a mobile conference unit. Too busy catching criminals, or dealing with a major security alert at Vauxhall station to attend your regular monthly management meeting? No problem. The meeting will come to you. And no doubt when they’ve worked through the last of the actions on the agenda, and approved the minutes for all to see, it will trundle off into the sunset to bring mild tedium and nasty biscuits to another dark corner of the borough.

So far, though, it’s been there three days. That’s one hell of a meeting. Do you think we should send in more biscuits?

*don’t answer that.


2 responses to “Let them Eat Rich Teas

  1. Perhaps this is an initiative to get more bobbies on the streets? They just have meetings while they are there…

  2. I’m not sure driving around in their little mobile meeting room really counts …

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