Silverlink No More

The ever-reliable Diamond Geezer has reminded me that the Silverlink metro service will be subsumed into Transport for London this weekend. Good. For those of you who didn’t read this blog back in 2005, I used to suffer the Silverlink ‘service’ from Hackney Central to Kew Gardens five days a week. It was the inspiration of this blog and on a bad day it could take me three hours to get nowhere. On a good day – those rare good days with no delays and no cancellations – it was merely grim. I’ll mourn the passing of the Routemaster bus, I’ll regret the loss of classic design on underground signage and maps. But I won’t shed a single tear for the passing of the Silverlink service. Even though TfL won’t make a difference immediately, anything they do will have to make that service better. In fact, replacing the trains with a three-legged donkey would probably make the service better. At least three-legged donkeys don’t have doors that stop working and cause the whole service to collapse like a house of cards.

This has reminded me that I have another three months or so of archives to copy from my old blog to this one, so the true horror of commuting on the Silverlink can be retained for posterity. Meanwhile, if Silverlink really is no more, do you think they’ll hold a funeral for it? I have some serious grave-dancing to be done.


3 responses to “Silverlink No More

  1. What?! I confess I will miss it a little bit. If for no other reason than calling it the ‘Silverstink’ always used to amuse me.

  2. ps – sorry about the dreadful grammar in the above post. I was a little overcome.

    I can use Oyster on the shiny new version of the Silverlink, apparently. My momentary sadness has passed.

  3. At work I’ve heard it called the salivalink, presumably because it dribbles around North London

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