This Blog…

… Brought to you courtesy of the driver of the white van who answered the question, ‘I wonder what I’ll blog about today?’ with ‘why not blog about how a white van driver tried to kill you on the Queenstown Road roundabout? Again.’

The problem (apart from the nearly being killed part) is it’s almost as tedious to write about badly driven white vans than it is to write about cancelled trains. I mean, stop me if you’ve heard this one before: I’m cycling on the roundabout, in the correct lane to be turning left at the next exit. The white van is waiting to pull onto the roundabout, except, no, he isn’t waiting, he’s just pulling onto the roundabout on the exact bit of road that I’m currently cycling on, leaving me with the choice of meekly falling under his wheels, pulling out to the right and ending up in the wrong lane, or accelerating madly to get in front of him while giving him the benefit of my extensive unladylike vocabulary*.

I really don’t understand this. Unless his objective was simply to pick off all the cyclists of London one by one, all he achieved by this was to have a pissed off cyclist in front of him instead of just an ordinary one. I make a big effort to ensure I’m visible at night on my bike what with the lights and the scary jacket and everything. But I’m beginning to think the hi-vis gear is a mistake. It’s simply giving the buggers something to aim at.

*Guess which one I chose?


7 responses to “This Blog…

  1. I am sure I have told you this before but the studies show that the more safety gear you wear the less clearance cars and vans give you. For optimal caution on the part of the driver you should be a woman with long hair that is not tied up apparently.

    One of my holiday resolutions is t start cycling to work again.

  2. hi sally this is ryan i think that the cover is grusome but i can’t wait to read the book.(in English of course)

  3. p.s. sorry about the bad @#%^ing driver in the white van

  4. In response to your quiz, is the word you used “rotter”?

  5. Moobs – I shall let my hair down then…
    Hi Ryan
    Ross – funnily enough, no.

  6. You should have tried the “Death Stare”. I find that white van man just loves a lot of shouting so I just look at them like their idiots and shake my head in pity…

  7. Hard to keep one’s cool in the circumstances … still no doubt I will get used to people trying to kill me eventually

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