Top Tips for Preachers…

…attempting to save the souls of an entire Hammersmith & City Line carriage-full of commuters: wait until the doors are shut at Hammersmith. Yes you’ll have to compete with the sound of the train, but that way those passengers who didn’t have a handy newspaper to suddenly be very interested in can’t escape to the next carriage.

Even better, wait until the train is stuck for what seems like forever in the approaches to Edgeware Road, with nothing but an ominous announcement of signal problems in the Kings Cross (Correction – King’s cross and Farringdon) area to look forward to. No doubt then, given the chance, there’d have been a fair few more takers to pray for deliverance, if only from the train. As it was I miraculously caught my Amersham connection without any apparent divine intervention. And I didn’t even take his little pamphlet.


9 responses to “Top Tips for Preachers…

  1. I’ll have to write that down so that my tick list of souls gets bigger.

  2. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more ranters on the tube, what with the captive audience.

  3. curtis – and there’s a lot of souls in one of those tube carriages …
    Cha0tic – yes, it struck me that that was the first time I’d ever encountered someone preaching on the Tube (there are plenty of just your regular ranters, however)

  4. Well how many of them have absolutely no one to talk to. I have worked in downtown Toronto with the homeless. One of the best things you can do for them is have an honest conversation. No one ever takes the time to do that.

  5. Amersham! I hope that you enjoyed your day out in the countryside.

  6. Just an evening, sadly, so we didn’t see much countryside.

  7. blessed thou art among commuters
    i was plotting with steve kane for a possible meet up – whadya think? x

  8. In fact, I rather suspect I am bound for hell on a slow, packed, infernal version of the Northern line…

    Meeting up sounds good though.

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