Steel dit boek*

De jaarlijst Dutch-speaking fans of the Disgruntled commuter prose style – and I know there are hundreds of you out there, if only you knew it – might be interested in this.

The rest of us will have to wait until May

And yes, this is a little cryptic, but only a little. And it’s got nothing at all to do with commuting …

* That’s Dutch for steal this book, by the way


21 responses to “Steel dit boek*

  1. My Dutch not being what it used to be I ran the blurb through a translation website. It came up with this

    “It comes as a donderslag at clear sky: the friend of Manda Brooks tells her that he is amorous on someone else and catches day still the same are trunks. Manda not only the love of its life, but in one go lose friend ring also its, which was original its friend ring: a group dertigers whom since their student time each weekend with back pocket and compass opuit have drawn there to look at birds. Because she refuses sit obstinately at the packages, Manda as of now only travel to the savage coast areas of United Kingdom and the onherbergzame hooglanden of shot country to make its year list of particular birds complete. But already rapidly she sees that she is followed: everywhere where she comes, a man who observes her with its binocular, emerges.
    Manda life change in a nightmare if them itself even in its own house no longer safe weet.”

    Perhaps the original wa in Double Dutch so I caaan’t wait until May

  2. Like Huttonian my Dutch is not what it used to be, and frankly never was, so I look forward to May when I shall enjoy sitting on my allotment pallet patio reading the English version.
    I know that you’ve had short stories published but is this your first book? If so then well done and congratulations.

  3. hello, where have you been published, and can you put some of your stuff on the blog?
    cheers john

  4. I have absolutely no right to … but I still feel proud of you.

  5. great jacket! is the uk one going to be the same? x

  6. Is it possible that you were born in London in 1969, studied philosophy and economy in Oxford and now work in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew? Could “The Year List (??)” which is to be published by Picador/Macmillan be your very promising debut? Um, yes, I do speak a little Dutch. All that time spent in Belgium, you know. I’ll buy it too. Congratulations!

  7. Huttonian – the original should (I hope) be in single English, but we’ll see
    Flighty – yes, my first, and thanks!
    John – if you click on the Literature category in the sidebar you’ll see a couple of other places.
    Moobs – well, we’re all part of the greater ex-20six family, aren’t we?
    rivergirlie – it’s fab isn’t it? But that’s just the Dutch publisher, the UK one will have their own ideas.
    Anne – All more or less correct except the title of the UK version which is still to be decided
    Anyone out there any good at naming things?

  8. Naming things? Like what!

  9. But of course, sorry! Do you really not have a terrific title in mind for the English version of yours!

  10. Ik geloof dat ik niet tot mei moet wachten, omdat ik een beetje Nederlands spreek… En Nederland is ook maar een korte treinrit van waar ik nu ben, misschien kan ik vlug over de grens, om de boek te kopen.

    But why is it first published in Dutch? Is that what you wrote it in or is the UK publisher just being slow?

  11. Flighty – sadly, no.
    Stefan – no, it was originally written in English, but the Dutch publishers were very quick.

  12. Oh, this is difficult then. On the one hand, I’m quite curious and love to pretend to really be able to read books in Dutch, but on the other hand I avoid translations on principle if I understand the language of the original… :/

    But I might not make it to the Netherlands anyway, which would probably decide the matter for me.

  13. what was wrong with the original title?

  14. Here is my attempt, as a Englishman living in The Netherlands, of a translation:

    “It is a complete surprise to Manda Brooks when her boyfriend tells her that he is in love with someone else and moves out the same day.
    Manda not only loses the love of her life, but in one fell swoop also her cirlce of friends, that originally were his circle of friends: a group of people in their thirties who, since their time at university, go out every weekend with rucksacks and compasses to birdwatch. Because she refuses to just sit at home by herself, she travels to the wild coastal areas of England and the inhospitable Highlands of Scotland in order to complete her annual bird list. But she soon notices tha she is being followed – everywhere that she goes, a man appears who watches her with his binoculars. Manda’s life turns
    into a nightmare as she does not know is she feels safe in her own house. “

  15. Stefan – no problem, hang on till May!
    Rivergirlie – too technical, apparently
    Dutch Commuter (are Dutch Commuters disgruntled?) – very impressive … not quite sure where the rucksacks and compasses came from, but that’s blurbs for you

  16. It should be back packs and a GPS.?

    As it is about a maniacal stalker (judging from the Dutch Commuter trnslation) a possible title might be The Horny Tholigist. or just ‘ The Birds’ (it’s been used before but will Hitchcock mind? ‘Cock Robin Strikes Back’ The Jaarlisjt is endless. Probaly

  17. Dutch Commuters are not really disgruntled, just sometimes mildly annoyed. Actually the levels of punctuality etc. of Dutch Railways have declined on the last several years, but they are cleaner, cheaper and do better at scheduling connecting services than my experiences of UK railways. Also the stations are generally better, with the excpetion of some mainline stations (for instance, Liverpool Street is still a good station as regards facilities and design – although my old commuting station, Maryland in East London, was absolutely awful).

    P.S. I am actually hague_paul.

  18. Dear Dutch Commuter. You have not really lived until you have seen Berwick Upon Tweed
    Rail Station and surely no Dutch rail company can boast the punctuality and cleanliness of GNER. So good in fact that its franchise is being taken away and given to National Express who olny run buses. As for better at scheduling Virgin arrives regularily into Berwick 10 minutes early having travelled several days from theWest Country. I bet that does not happen in Holland

  19. If a train arrives in Berwick in Holland, then something’s gone very badly awry…

  20. Hey! Well done! Congrats and can’t wait for may! xx

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