More Yoof

We have two sandwich students at work these days and very lovely they are too. One of them travels to work on the train like a normal person. The other one commutes in on his skateboard.

Words cannot express how old this makes me feel.


5 responses to “More Yoof

  1. I was never any good on roller skates and I always fancied trying a skateboard. However having just become eligible for a free bus pass I think that it will remain that now.
    You say that it makes you feel old…!

  2. Maybe if you took up skateboarding it would make you feel young?

  3. It’d more likely put me in hospital, feeling older than ever!

  4. if someone would make my sandwiches, i wouldn’t care how they travelled. x

  5. Sadly not that kind of sandwich student. Although they did keep offering to make tea, at least at first, until we’d knocked a few corners off them

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