Gap in the Market

Ah Yoof. I was pleased to see this morning that despite the end of British Summer Time and the advent of the cold and dark of winter, the young lads on the station concourse in front of me were still defiantly wearing their trousers round their knees. They were otherwise sensibly dressed for the weather – gloves, anoraks, woolly hats, and boots – were it not for the several inches of buttock clad only in (surprisingly jaunty looking) thin cotton boxers. That’s got to be cold. Could someone – for the sake of their mothers if nothing else – not come up with some fashionable-looking thermal underwear for these poor deserving boys?

Meanwhile, SWT were celebrating the start of winter in their own special way by cancelling my homeward train and then leaving us literally* in the dark because their platform lights aren’t set to come on until 6pm. Funnily enough, the same thing happened almost exactly a year ago. Do you think they have forgotten that the clocks going back actually means it gets dark earlier again?

* But not metaphorically – the cancellation was due to signal failure in the Addlestone area. So that’s all right then


7 responses to “Gap in the Market

  1. what is this trousers round their knees stuff?
    yet another mode of fashion passes me by.
    cheers john

  2. Thankfully it passes me by too!

  3. I think it passes all of us by … any young persons out there who wish to comment?

  4. I think this issue would be solved, were the humble cummerbund come back into fashion.

  5. Ross – I was going to suggest that was very unlikely but who knows what will be fashionable next, and why not cummerbunds?

  6. It’s occurred to me that cummerbunds would be too high, and more suited to those ladies and their crop-tops. What the young gentlemen need is a new invention, I’d like to call the bummercund.

  7. You read it here first on Disgruntled Commuter, ladies and gentlemen…

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