Mond’oh Morning

I have no excuse for this – and no real explanation either – except that it was Monday, the day God made first, when He hadn’t really got the hang of it.

It all started when I jolted myself awake at 6:20 from an interesting dream with the realisation that I had slept in. Only five minutes, but enough to throw the whole day off. I considered simply getting a later train, but then remembered what happened last time, so instead I decided to just hustle the whole getting up process a bit and still make it out the door for the 7:41. Big mistake. Because the upshot of that was that while my body was more or less up, showered, fed, coffee-d and dressed by 7:20, my brain was still blinking blearily at my watch and wondering what time it was. I managed to cycle safely enough to Vauxhall, in a bit of a daze, buy my ticket, purchase the correct newspaper, and get up to platform three with time in hand. Indeed the previous train had not yet departed so I sat down, and immersed myself in the morning’s news. And the next thing I knew it was 7:42, my train was departing and I was still sitting on the platform looking after its retreating rear lights in disgust. I had forgotten to get on the train. In fact, I think I had forgotten there was a train. And now there wasn’t another one for 15 minutes.

Fortunately, the gods – having seen what I could acheive with my own efforts – took pity on me and didn’t wreak further havoc on the day’s trains, so I got in okay, albeit a little embarrassed. I’m not sure when my brain got in to work though, if indeed it ever did. Perhaps I’ll find it somewhere along the way tomorrow.


6 responses to “Mond’oh Morning

  1. On the plus side: you just cheered me up no end with that story. Can’t stop giggling about the thought of you watching the train (sorry 😀 ).

    I’ve very nearly forgotten to get off a train a few times (realised and dashed off just in time) but the worst one was where I got on the wrong train entirely and didn’t notice until I should have been home. I looked up and was miles from home on the wrong line! Thankfully my girlfriend of the time was able to come pick me up.

  2. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this – I can only put it down to not being at all awake at the time…

  3. LOL! I’m sorry, I want to feel your pain and as soon as I stop laughing I’m sure I will 😉

  4. you would not believe how often this has actually happened to me.
    As it happened just yesterday I missed my stop, I sat on the train, didn’t even read or listen to music, or sleep, I was so caught in whatever I was thinking, or not thinking that I simply missed my stop and only realised when the doors where shut already.

    Now that’s embarassing.

  5. Well I’m glad I amused people … and I’m glad I’m not the only one either…

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