Horse Feathers

I’ve a nice ride on my bike to Battersea these days – through Pimlico and over the Chelsea bridge, catching the glory of the sun just rising over the glittering buildings of the City. There are nice cycle lanes and not too many pot-holes which make up for the slightly higher than average proportion of entitled arseholes who feel they can park and or cross the road anywhere they damn well choose. But there’s one drawback to the leafier areas that you don’t get down the rest of London’s mean streets: horse poo in the bike lane. And I don’t know what they’re feeding them, but boy that stuff can smell. Especially once it’s had a chance to ripen a bit, been smeared all over the road and coated itself on my tyres. I’m almost hoping my bike gets pinched over the weekend. Thank goodness for mudguards, eh?


6 responses to “Horse Feathers

  1. Thank goodness for mudguards, eh?…Thank goodness indeed, otherwise it would be all up your back too!

  2. Too true! And why they sell hybrid ‘commuting’ bikes without mudguards I will never understand

  3. could you please send it down to me i will put it on my rhubarb. BTW things are getting very hard for the cyclists in oxford, the police were out yesturday morning and they issured 71 thirty pound tickets in 3 hours.
    good luck john

  4. I have no problems with cyclists being ticketed and fined if they break the law. We/they are not above it.

  5. John – I’m not sure sending it through the post would be legal…
    Mark – exactly.

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