If there’s Anything more Tragic…

… than the chap on the train this evening who had teamed his receding hairline with a shocking pink mohican, I have yet to encounter it. But if you have then give us your nominations in the comments, please. And yes, that’s ‘tragic’ in the teenage sense*, not the Greek one.

*Assuming teenagers even say ‘tragic’ these days…


6 responses to “If there’s Anything more Tragic…

  1. The Busker who has forgotten his begging bowl and plays rather well?

  2. I saw a young guy with a mohican yesterday, but it wasn’t pink!

  3. Flighty – young guys with mohicans aren’t too bad. Misguided, but understandable. But when the hair’s not there …
    Huttonian – never happens…

  4. I am going for the reverse mohican look. I have hair each side of my head and nothing down the middle!

  5. Mr Wilson – isn’t that called a Brazilian?

  6. Tube Dude – no I think a Brazilian is quite different …

    Ian – just don’t dye it pink whatever you do

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