To the Cyclists of London: an Apology

It has been brought to my attention that my last post may have inadvertantly implied that you were all a bunch of fair-weather sissies who might have been put off from cycling by a few drops of rain, gusts of wind and the odd tornado. If so, I was wrong. For today – while missing the tornadoes – had plenty of rain and wind on offer and yet suddenly there you all are: taking up all the spacess in the Vauxhall underpass bike racks, queueing to cross the junction at the crossing and steaming down the Kennington Road in packs like so many bright yellow hi-vis wildebeest on the annual Serengeti migration. Clearly you all took a day to rest your legs after Sunday’s exertions and have come out to play once more. I don’t know where you all came from, but I hope you stick around. It can only get colder and wetter and darker from here on in, and I appreciate having the company.

It’s just … the second rack in on the Vauxhall Cross end of the underpass, after the bit where the tramp sleeps? It’s mine. I’d appreciate if you’d remember that. Thanks.


3 responses to “To the Cyclists of London: an Apology

  1. One of the fantastic joys of genetic engineering is that Hi-vis wildebeest may finally be within our grasp.

  2. But won’t that make life too easy for the lions?

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