Slippery When Wet

Well, what a difference a day makes. Whatever Faustian pact Ken made with the weather gods yesterday to guarantee a golden September day for the London Freewheel was clearly temporary in nature. I did at least miss the drenching downpour (and all the tornadoes) on my cycle in, but still had to contend with a steady soaking drizzle complete with headwind. And where were all those new-minted extra cyclists on this grey and miserable morning? Clearly it’s going to take more than a one-day cycling extravaganza to tempt them out on the streets for the rest of the year. TfL are going to have to come good on their ‘the average cyclist only gets rained on 11 times a year’ promise as well. I’m still waiting for that one.

However, once I’d got in to work and wrung out my socks, I realised I was one of the lucky ones. My train at least was not delayed or cancelled. And I hadn’t had to try and change at Clapham Junction where SWT were apparently playing ‘guess which platform your train is leaving from’ to the entertainment of the morning commuters. According to one news site the excuse this morning was ‘slippery rails’. For after all: rain, wind and leaf-fall in September – who’d a thought it? Me, I blame global warming.


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