Disgruntled Commuter goes Large

I am off on my travels again today for a week in Bratislava. Most of my days will probably be spent in windowless conference rooms, but the evenings should be lively … googling ‘birdwatching in Bratislava’ turned up some interesting links, put it that way. I’m not sure how much internet access I’ll have, so entries might be limited but keep checking in just in case. And I’m flying Ryan Air (anybody else suspect this airline in fact some elaborate plot by climate change campaigners to put people off flying?) so you can be certain there’ll be at least one rant on my return on Saturday.

The very next day I’ll be here, stewarding from Clapham Common (I think, they’re a bit disorganised and haven’t sent me any details yet). Registration is now closed, but if you’ve already signed up I hope you come and look out for me. I’ll be the one on the bike*

*I won’t wear a camouflage hat.


4 responses to “Disgruntled Commuter goes Large

  1. how i envy you i went to slovakia in 1993 to see the UK play in an ice hockey tournament.
    we were there for 20 days, the people are great and it was the best holiday i have ever had.
    ps the word for beer is pivo
    pps have a nice time

  2. Thanks – that’s proving very useful!

  3. Ah, so that’s where you are. The only way I know what you’re up to is via this blog. Have fun. Love Big Sis

  4. You see, I knew blogging wasn’t an utterly pointless waste of time…

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