OK I Admit…

… I was texting while walking. And I’m of an age where sending a text requires a fair degree of concentration; I’m not one of the ‘thumb generation’. But I am one of the green cross code generation so I was making sure I wasn’t texting except when I was safely on the pavement. And I was therefore a little startled at having to look up and dodge the motorbike. The motorbike being ridden along the pavement, weaving through the pedestrians. What is going on? I think part of the problem is that in this part of London the economy seems to consist entirely of fried chicken joints, corner shops and motorbike repair places and the bike was going to one of the latter. But even so…


7 responses to “OK I Admit…

  1. So the real moral of the story is – you conscientious types who do it only on the pavement are actually no safer than us idiots who do it anywhere and everywhere, and occasionally while using the other hand to change songs on the iPod.

    In my admittedly very flawed logic, you’ve just vindicated my total lack of common sense!

  2. Ah well, had I been wearing an iPod I’d have been totally flattened – I’d not even have heard the guy.

  3. Oh, no, you see, while the stick in the muds say we’re all going to go deaf because of our iPods, what they don’t realise is that like a real deaf person our other senses are becoming honed to perfection, we just sense that movement 😉

  4. Or navigate yourself around by smell alone …

  5. tragically, i’m so uncoordinated that i can’t text without my tongue poking out unbidden, so i’d have been knocked down and bitten my tongue all in one go. i so glad you came out unscathed

  6. he he! As a child I used to get in trouble in my ballet class for doing my exercises with my tongue sticking out in concentration. I think I’ve managed to stop now, but who knows?

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