Not the Brightest Bulb in the Chandelier

Gosh, it seems to be cycling week here on Disgruntled Commuter…blame the RMT & the belated arrival of the late-running summer.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself this evening for not only remembering that I would be out cycling later than usual and I would need lights, but also remembering to actually locate my front light, check its batteries after a long summer lying lost under the sofa, find replacement batteries, find a replacement back light for the one that went missing in a bizarre Tour de France related incident, assemble the back light AND having done all this, actually take my lights with me today. So as the time came to cycle home, I proudly clipped on my back light to my bag, fitted my front light to the miraculously un-stolen front light bracket, switched them both on and prepared to cycle off. And got nowhere.

Sometimes it helps if you unlock the bike first.


10 responses to “Not the Brightest Bulb in the Chandelier

  1. Oh bravo! Was anyone watching? Hehe…

    And, they make lights for bicycles? That is a radical idea, could catch on 😉

  2. I have this vision of you tearing te railing from its foundations and dragging down the street.

  3. AMP- you reckon? They don’t seem too popular down here
    Moobs – I’d only locked the back wheel onto the frame, that was the problem. Otherwise, I’d have definitely been dragging a lamppost down the street…

  4. Yeah, but you own a pair which is a start. That’s at least one more user than up here. I did get a pair one christmas from my little sister. My bike was pinched on new years eve!

  5. You didn’t leave your lights on your bike did you? Or are you now the proud owner of one set of bike lights, and no bike?

  6. Yeah, I left them on, they went with the bike! I think maybe he just wanted the lights 😉

  7. (luckily the bike was replaced promptly, btw, even if it was from my own pocket instead of the insurance!)

  8. That’s why I don’t leave my lights on my bike – I’m worried about doubling its value …

  9. In 6 years as a paper boy it was the only one ever got nicked! It’s weird now though, I see a lot of unlocked bikes left around, sometimes quite nice ones. I think it works on the assumption that anyone silly enough to leave their bike unlocked in town must be built like a whole regiment of panzers and therefore no one touches the bikes.

  10. You never see unlocked bikes down here. I think you’d have to be pretty quick to spot them before they’re nicked…

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