Casual Day Has Gone Too Far

It seems that even with the strike called off, London’s mini cycling revolution continues. Best excuse I’ve heard in a while for not attending a (four o’ clock) meeting: ‘I still haven’t changed out of my cycling gear’.


6 responses to “Casual Day Has Gone Too Far

  1. The good weather must be helping as well. Just wait until it gets cold, wet and windy!

  2. I’ll be still out there … but I suspect others might not.

  3. This is off topic and refers to a much earleir blog from August or somewhen but…
    where does the phrase toerag or toe-rag come from (I prefer it un-hyphenated, or should that be unhyphenated) . My dearly beloved ex who hailed from Deptford used it as a gently insulting comment and it does appear in an Eric Clapton lyric on Pilgrim but … is it Cockney or what?

  4. Mike – no idea where toe-rag comes from. It’s good, though, isn’t it? I think on reflection it needs the hyphen though … otherwise it’s hard for the uninitiated to know how to pronounce it.

    Any etymologists out there?


    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Google is all powerful and all knowing…

  6. And the OED agrees … so it must be true

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