The Rules: a Reminder

Now that everyone’s back at work again, and particularly with the overland trains crowded with Tube refugees, it seems a recap is in order. We should all now be familiar with the fact that feet and bags do not get a seat. Other things that do not get a seat are, in no particular order, your newspaper, your jacket, your lunchbox, your lunch, your breakfast and your dog. There. I hope that’s clear. Perhaps I should start using Merseyrail, where they don’t mess about on this issue.

Meanwhile, I hope Ken’s congratulated the RMT on its contribution to his target of increasing cycling rates in London. This morning in my office alone there were two brand new fresh minted cyclists coming in all flushed and excited from the adrenaline rush, and if the streets and Vauxhall’s bike racks were anything to go by, they weren’t the only ones.


6 responses to “The Rules: a Reminder

  1. The student who was ‘only resting one foot on the train seat for a moment’ was aquitted today.

    But wasn’t it great to see lots of happy cyclists around today?

  2. Oh was she? TBH if it was just for a moment, it struck me as a bit harsh. There are other worse offenders around…

    And yes, let’s hope they all continue once it stops being nice and sunny for once…

  3. she should have been hanged it’s the only language people like this understand.
    cheers john

  4. What, even though she was found innocent? Seems a tad harsh

  5. About time too.

    Maybe they shoul dadd to the list fare dodgers – which I think should be hung at the statikon entrance’s as a warning to the other non paying punters.


  6. I still think hanging’s a little harsh, but maybe some stocks?

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