Push Off Early, Tomorrow’s … er … Tuesday

Oh dear. September already, and the summer lull is well and truly over – as I noticed when I got through the gates at Vauxhall this morning and saw the thundering hordes piling down onto the concourse. My lovely empty peaceful trains (in the morning at least) are but a distant memory and the whole sinking back to school feeling was not helped by the woman behind me remarking to her friend ‘And after that it’s the run up to Christmas and then Easter …’ – wish your life away, dear, why don’t you?

Still, Transport for London and the squiggly-signatured Tim O’Toole did try to cheer me up, bless them, by emailing me at lunchtime and suggesting I might want to aim to complete my journey home by 5pm today. Sure, they pretended it was to do with this strike, but a casual perusal of my oyster records would have told them I don’t generally use the tube on weekdays, sticking to the overground. No, I know, they were just trying to ease us all back into the working routine by giving us half the afternoon off. Sadly, my boss and a recaltricant piece of software had other ideas.


5 responses to “Push Off Early, Tomorrow’s … er … Tuesday

  1. School traffic and a tube strike are just what we want!
    I’m noticing that the dreaded C word (as in Xmas) is appearing here and there as well!

  2. I am seeing Christmas cards in the shops already – depressing.
    All of my lads are back at school now, but they walk so as not to add to the congestion here. School hols are always blissfully quiet and it amazes me how much traffic is caused by the school run.

  3. Aberdeen schools have been back for a fortnight. We’re all readjusted now.
    Unfortunately, this week is the Offshore Europe exhibition – flooding the city’s roads (in particular the northern part that I happen live in) with chemical engineers from far flung places such as Humberside.

  4. You’d think they’d have the decency to wait until after Hallowe’en, but no.
    I’m trying to imagine what a town flooded with chemical engineers might look like …

  5. Like the Mafia are in town. Never seen so many middle aged chaps in dark suits and dark Mercedes…

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