Happy Days…

…and not just because I had to get the Silverlink to Highbury this evening. In fact, not even. It was just that I was walking up to Kew Gardens station when I noticed that the old photo developer place has rebranded itself as a photo printing place and ’50’s American Style Internet Cafe’. Ah yes, those old American internet cafes from the fifties, with their chrome detailing and fins … or was that the cars? No, I’m thinking of those old American internet cafes from the fifties with their tight sweaters and their bobby socks … or was that the girls?

In fact, tell me oh those of you who can remember it. What was the internet like in the fifties?


3 responses to “Happy Days…

  1. showing my age now, what you had to do was tie two tin cans together with string then a presto the internet or very local network anyhow.
    cheers john

  2. If you read Al Gore’s memoirs you’ll realise that, once he’s invented it in the early 50’s, the internet was huge in the US with internet Cafes springing up all over the place. One only has to watch episodes of Happy Days to see this is true.*

    *and by true, we mean false 😀

  3. I’m too young to remember but my late grandad used the interweb to download naughty seaside postcards… very, very slowly.

    Nothing changes, eh?

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