Motorists, Get Out and Push

Not a sign you see very often, is it? I wasn’t going to blog today, it being a bank holiday and all, but then the other half and I cycled up to Hyde Park to see the new Serpentine pavilion, and we came across the following (click for a bigger image with sarcastic annotations):


Yes, that’s right because cyclists just love to stop, get off, wheel their bikes all of six feet and then get back onto a completely new cycle lane. Hmm. Now who was it used to go on about joined up thinking? It’s not the people who are actually in charge is it?

It’s a shame because otherwise the cycling in Hyde Park is excellent, and with the Mall and Constitution Hill closed for the Trooping of the Guard, or the Changing of the Colour, or maybe it was just the Pimping of the Heritage, there was lots of lovely traffic-free cycling to be had.

And this wasn’t bad, either:



2 responses to “Motorists, Get Out and Push

  1. Nice blog, although I think I shall end up more grumpy than you are disgruntled. I have linked you on my new blog – can you link me up in return? It may even cheer me up a bit.

  2. Cheer you up? can’t have that, now can we? I’ll add the link, but remember this one was here first, and has pinched the best seat (facing the engine, next to the window)

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