My Own Worst Nightmare

Some days – and it’s mostly Fridays in my experience – I turn into the sort of person I usually blog about. Take this morning, when I approached the entrance gates at Vauxhall and did the following: take out staff pass ready to get through gate, realise staff pass isn’t going to get me very far, find oyster card, put oyster card on reader, realise gate was open all along and all the other passengers are giving me funny looks.

But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was when I got on the train and it wasn’t until I had found my seat and sat down that I realised the sarcastic ‘Thanks for letting us off first’ and the dirty look through the window was aimed at me. For I had just barrelled onto the train past the guy waiting to get off without even noticing he was there. And I couldn’t even abjectly apologise for my rudeness because he was already gone. I have no excuse for this – there is no excuse for that sort of behaviour – other than it has been a long week and the part of me that would normally notice things like people (or even big red buses) was obviously still mentally in bed wishing it was Saturday. And I can offer no mitigation except that I have admitted my guilt and hope that this will result in a halving of my sentence in commuter purgatory… So I throw myself on the mercy of my own court and hope that you’ll go easy on me in the comments section.

Thank goodness it’s a long weekend eh?


8 responses to “My Own Worst Nightmare

  1. there’s something particularly shaming about doing something that one would normally rail against – enjoy your weekend.

  2. Indeed – I ended up blushing from Vauxhall to Kew Bridge…

  3. give yourself a break you are a nice person.
    enjoy the long weekend

  4. I don’t think that other passenger thought so … I have a horrible feeling I ruined his morning

  5. Maybe he’ll just rant about it on his blog and forget about the whole thing.

  6. That’s what I’m hoping … everyone has a blog, now, right?

  7. I’m sure we’ve all done it accidentally* so don’t worry you won’t go to hell. My theory is that the offended party has a nanosecond in which to vent about the offenders behaviour but after that all is forgiven. He gave you The Glare so consider your punishment served.

    *Apart from me, I’d NEVER do that 😉

  8. No, no of course you wouldn’t, M. Anon … perish the thought

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