Grooh. Woke up this morning with a stiff neck, I think due to yesterday’s exertions in the wind and the rain. The problem with cycling to Battersea is I have to do a lot of changing lanes, which means doing owl impressions as I try to turn my head 180 degrees to see what’s coming up behind me. I wear glasses, so when I’m trying to look over my shoulder I’m looking through the blurry bit where my glasses aren’t, rather than the nice clear (but rather small) circle where they are. My eyesight without them is appalling – put it this way, I looked over to my left yesterday before changing lanes and suddenly discovered there was a bus in the bit of the road I was planning to occupy, which I hadn’t noticed before. Not a double decker, true, but a bright red London bus nonetheless, and I had to do a bit of nifty acceleration to make my turn without being squashed. As I was recounting this tale to the other half, he pointed out it’s a bit worrying if you find you can’t even see a bus before it’s upon you. And other traffic – grey coloured cars driving along grey coloured streets in grey coloured London – are even worse.

I fear I may have to get myself contact lenses. I tried them once, for a year, but they were hard ones and I found that the best part of the day, every day, was the moment I could take them out, so after a while I just stopped bothering putting them in. Plus there were those scary moments when they would decide to migrate round to the back of my eyeball (sorry, were you eating?) and I’d have to retrieve them very carefully with my fingers. Opticians tell me that contact lens technology has moved on since then, but that’s usually when they’re trying to flog me the things with the same zeal that shoe salesmen reserve for suede shoe protection sprays, and I automatically disbelieve them. Plus I stare at a screen all day and my eyes get dry and scratchy enough as it is. So I guess there’s nothing else to do but make like Hedwig and practice my neck stretches until I can rotate my head round completely, glasses and all. That would put the wind up some of the drivers round here, I can tell you.


10 responses to “Blindsided

  1. OK, firstly, we need warnings before there are descriptions of nasty things :P. I spent the last half of that post reading through my fingers while cringing at the thought of lost contact lenses 🙂 (yup, grade A wuss)

    There may the another option. Uncool, I know, but have you considered the option of mirrors? The slight drag they would introduce would be more than set off by being able to see such things as buses, cars and everything else that is manically trying to run you over before they’ve actually succeeded and all without having to look round behind you and running the risk of cycling into the back of someone…

    Of course, as a non cyclist I could be overestimating the usefulness and effectiveness of the humble mirror, in which case I apologise and feel free to ignore me 😀

  2. hmm – ‘there may be’ rather than ‘there may the’ – it’s late (for me)

  3. Yes, sorry about that but believe me, it was more unpleasant to experience than to read about.

    I have thought of mirrors & will be looking into that (no pun intended). The problem is that anything remotely detachable on my bike gets detached when it’s parked at Vauxhall

  4. The same thing used to happen occasionally to me with a contact lens going where it shouldn’t. Usually at the worst possible moment, when you are least able to deal with it! Anyway, I had laser surgery 3 years ago and everything has been perfect since, so no more foggy specs, squinting or sore eyes.

  5. I wear glasses, and have done just about for ever.
    I’ve tried contact lenses, both types, but can’t get on with them.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. Mark – aargh no, surgery’s worse than straying contact lenses
    Flighty – ah, but do you cycle? I never worried about contact lenses until now…

  7. Trust me, it’s painless and they will make very sure that you are suitable beforehand. I’ve never looked back since (and that’s not a pun).

  8. Not nowadays. My excuse is I have decidedly dodgy knees. However I do walk when I can, and only use the car when I have to.
    Like you I wouldn’t have laser surgery!

  9. I think my eyes are bad enough they’re borderline for surgery.

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