Stormy Weather

All right, will all those people who complained about how hot it was last summer please stand up and confess their utter wrongness now? Because the ‘summer’ we’re having now is much, much worse. It was bad enough this morning, when the best that could be said about the weather was that it was not actually raining and I found myself crossing Lambeth Bridge trying to hold my line while cycling into a blustery headwind with a number 3 bus rising like a great red wall just inches from my right handlebar. Coming back was even worse: I was climbing over Chelsea bridge in the teeth of the gale making almost zero forward progress while trying to find a gap in the traffic so I could get over into the right hand lane for my turn. And this time it was raining too, just for added unpleasantness.

I know that heat in this country means melting train tracks, hosepipe bans and the visiting of barbecues on innocent party guests, but what’s a little food poisoning between friends when the alternative is October come early? And just to rub it in, a colleague today made the first sighting of a Christmas menu in a restaurant this year. It’s time to sacrifice something to the weather gods and soon. Do you think they take visa?


7 responses to “Stormy Weather

  1. I’m not sure this summer is worse than last. Sure I’d like it to be sunnier, but at least it’s a more bearable temperature. Having said that once the nice cool wind died off yesterday it was insufferably stuffy.

  2. no no no no – that’s just wrong. Summers should be HOT.

  3. Agreed, all this raining on me while I walk home is simply not on. Bring back hot summers immediately.

  4. Indeed. And whatever it is that means I’m cycling into the wind both coming and going … what’s that all about?

  5. I am so fed up of this weather. You are right, bring back HOT summers.
    Didn’t you know about the sub-paragraph of Murphy’s Law? No matter which direction you are cycling, you will always cycle into a headwind.

  6. I love your image of the bus as a ‘great red wall’ !

  7. Ian – that would make sense. Murphy’s law truly has many ramifications…

    Louise – thanks, it was an image that struck me rather forcibly as I was cycling beside it … fortunately just the image, not the bus itself!

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