Bourne Again

What, you didn’t think I’d really go a whole week without blogging, did you?

So, we went to see the Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon (actually we popped out for lunch and a bit of book shopping, but you know how these things happen). No, no, it’s on topic, because Paddy Considine plays a Guardian journalist having the worst of all possible times at Waterloo station – and that’s saying something. It was the usual entertaining ride with Matt Damon inventively laying waste to three or four western cities while sustaining nothing but a couple of minor injuries, but I think the franchise is getting a tad unrealistic. I mean, obviously with his secret CIA training and all, he’s going to be able to kill umpteen bad guys with his bare hands, walk through locked doors, travel across continents with no visible means of financial support and get through the gates at the Waterloo underground without an oyster card, but there are limits. I mean – when did you ever manage to buy a pay as you go phone at the Carphone Warehouse without some salesman trying to sign you up to a seven year contract with built in broadband? And when he gets to the tube itself, and chases one of the assassins down the escalator, he has a clear run at the left hand side, with everyone else helpfully standing on the right and not a wheely suitcase in sight. Still, Paul Greengrass hasn’t entirely abandoned his documentary making roots. When Bourne gets down to the platform the tube he was heading for shuts the doors and pulls out. Some things never change.


5 responses to “Bourne Again

  1. Lol! Too funny.

    As for the carphone warehouse I hear you…

    “No, thank you, I just want a charger.”
    “I need a contract for a charger now?”
    “Well can I just have the charger and go, or shall I try somewhere else?”

    I finally got the charger once I started to stand up from the desk at which I had been placed when he thought my soul was up for sale.

  2. I think possibly being a CIA trained assassin is the only way you can get out of a carphone warehouse with a phone and without a contract…

  3. London City Soul

    I was hoping you wouldn’t (go without blogging for a whole week)

  4. Ha! Brilliant. I might add those things as goofs on the film’s IMDB page.

  5. LCS – that’s a fairly safe bet, as it happens. I was proud of myself for getting this far
    fox – go for it … they would be better than the goofs they’ve got up there already. Um, do these people ever just watch films to be entertained?

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